Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dental School and IT Training

It was a busy Monday at the Mama Pilista Memorial Health Center. We saw over 50 patients, Danny the only doctor and Kathy the only nurse most of the day. Kathy also did a dental class with over 100 students with only 36 toothbrushes! We headed to the market for more toothpaste and more toothbrushes to share for the week. Thanks to the generosity of the Jarrell Family in Mentor, Ohio for financing the supplies. There is not a tradition of dental care in the village and Danny has seen many patients complaining of sore teeth. We hope that teaching a few of the children will help to change the next generation.
In the midst of the busy day, Kathy also found time to introduce the computer to a few of the girls in the village. They were writing letter to people in the states who are sponsoring their schooling. With my lap top, we included their photo and a bit of a typing assignment. Here is the photo from their time on the computer!

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