Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Church in Nairobi, Kenya

We went to church with the Flemings. They are a part of a small church that is held in a ten year old kindergarten mission center that is run by a Japanese mission couple who are also the pastors of this church. It is an interesting combination. They have partnered with a Kenyan pastor and the congregation is made up of about 100 people, Kenyan children (their main goal for reaching), Kenyan adults from a variety of economic classes, ex pats from America and Ireland, and Japanese families, quite diverse! It was great. The music was great with an overhead projector and piano. We were in a small room. All spoken in English. One of the announcements and prayer requests was that a group of teenage boys requested that the church start a youth ministry and that there would be a meeting after church to discuss this idea! After church we participated in fellowship with tea and bread and then I went to the youth ministry meeting! It was great. There were about 20 kids in attendance and another group of about 7 young adults who were also interested in forming a group. I shared ideas and asked the youth questions about what they wanted in this youth ministry. It was GREAT to be talking youth ministry again. I thought I was done with that call on my life, but I am not. It still gets me excited to talk to the teens here who are not very different from teens in the states. When they went around and introduced themselves some where shy and awkward, others were outgoing and smiley, just like Mentor youth They need your prayers in helping to get a youth ministry started in their community. These kids need a group to belong to, many live in the slums with many temptations for living a different life other than Christianity surrounding them. The five boys who grew up in this church, live in the slums and walk to church without their parents and want to know more about Jesus and how to make good choices.

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