Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello Camphor Mission Supporters!

We arrived safely to the Camphor Mission on Sunday, June 26th. We have 10 visitors with us from Peoria UMC, Mt. Vernon Gay Street, Main Street in Mansfield, and Mentor UMC. As I write this on Tuesday people are already out in the villages doing polio vaccinations, reading and doing crafts in the library, in town buying supplies for tiling projects, paying salaries, preparing for lunch with other western UMC visitors, preparing staff team building workshop, and working in the agriculture department. We have been blessed by Irene's cooking and great hospitality. We have been visited by the children on the mission and will participate in the school's closing ceremonies on Friday. What a blessing it is to be here!
We will be in contact as we can.
Stay tuned for stories and photos.


Julie said...

Hi to Kathy S., Kathy & Danny D. from your friends in Peoria. The Rod & Julie Rolffs family

Rosemary and Ed said...

Hi Kathy and Danny! Glad you made it rain?

Nati Change Cdr. said...

Members of the West Ohio Conference look forward to getting better to know you and supporting your mission in the coming years.