Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camphor Mission

The team is having a great time at Camphor. The rainy season has not given us as many challenges as we anticipated. We enjoyed a day at the Buchanan beach on Saturday. As I post this entry, it is Sunday and we are preparing for worship at the Garfield Memorial UMC church on the Camphor Mission Station. We will celebrate communion with our friends here.

Some news about the team . . .
Laura has visited a village for vaccination, organized crafts with students, and helped deliver a baby.
Tom has hauled water, worked with children, helped staff, worked in the agriculture field, and removed spiders from rooms each night before bed!
Mary is organizing a staff team building workshop, working with Esther in the library, and playing with students.
Catherine and Kate are being loved on by ALL of the children and students here that are their age. They are building some strong relationships with some of the older girls that are their peers. Catherine and Kate are youth themselves.
Kathy "Steinie" is representing Peoria strong! Passing out graduation certificates to 9th grade graduates, interviewing the agriculture staff, vaccinating in villages, and organizing activities with students.
Jan is leading us in music, playing with kids, working with Esther in the library and dancing in the village of Duo!
Jane is working in the library with Esther, playing with students and leading us in devotions.
Bob trained the traditional birth attendants in life saving new clean water techniques and working with the clinic staff.
Meghan is organizing all of us with games, crafts with kids, library time, and cleaning the house!

All are helping with the container unloading, visiting villages, laughing, eating well, sleeping comfortably, and being a blessing. God is leading us on this journey and we feel your prayers and God's presence in real ways. Ipo Gredipo Szwo! We give God thanks.

Kathy and Danny

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