Monday, April 25, 2011

Another village gets clean water!

Many thanks to the Seville UMC for their efforts in raising funds for more than 2 hand dug water wells in villages around the Camphor Mission Station in Liberia! They were challenged to change the world and do their part in being the hands and feet of Jesus. The children in the church raised over $1500 with a matching donation from an anonymous donor. Funds are still coming in and people in the congregation are praying about their participation in an UMVIM trip to Camphor in 2012. God is good!

Here is how they did it in the words of Teare a volunteer in the children's ministries at Seville UMC.
It all started when they heard Kathy share in worship about the ministries at the Camphor Mission. An anonymous person approached me and said that if the children could raise the money for one well, they would put up the $1500 for a second well. The children made the well and put it in the foyer. Every week for about 3 months everyone would drop some money in the well. The children made treats in Sunday School to sell at a bake sale. Parents also donated baked goods. We had one generous man offer to make up the difference if the kids didn't reach their goal. In the meantime, the UMM, UMW and MYF made generous donations as well. Every two - three weeks the kids would make an announcement about how much we made and how much we needed. Their enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone! By the last Sunday, they had met their goal without the help of the man, who also wishes to remain anonymous, so he went ahead and gave $500 anyway! God is good! Teare

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