Thursday, February 3, 2011

Update from Camphor

We have been busy at Camphor mission. Ian has been getting to know people while helping to build the country kitchen behind the guesthouse. He has been tying sticks mixing the mud plaster, hauling planks of wood from a nearby town, and cutting grass with a cutlass.
Brittany has been at the clinic vaccinating babies and hoping for the birth of a baby. We all walked to market- about 3 plus miles out and gave out worm medicine and vaccinations to the crowd. On the way to the market, we passed by a village where voter registration was taking place. They are preparing for a presidential election in October of this year.

We have exercised with John Toe, painted the second guesthouse, worshiped, experienced hospitality, greeting, and gift giving. We have washed clothes and hauled our own water.

Thanks to MUMC, we were about to pay one months salary to the staff at the mission and hand out Rosaries from Brittany's aunt.

We continue to be challenged by cars, transportation, keys, and regular workers. We continue to move forward with water wells in villages, teaching at the clinic, and have goals of moving into the second guesthouse by early February.

Lynn and Ian are back in the states now and Brittany will return at the end of January. Please keep us in your prayers.

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