Friday, February 11, 2011

Blessed in Liberia

We are finishing our time in Ganta at the Liberia Annual Conference. We have been blessed with dynamic worship and bible study. Bishop Palmer has been leading the "Hour of Power" bible study has been lead by a pastor couple from the Plowpoint ministry in North Carolina. The Annual Conference is doing the hard but great work of reconciliation and empowerment. The theme has been Developing Disciplined Christian Leaders. We have been impressed with the faithfulness and diligence of the clergy and laity. I have been challenged by the spirit to think more about being the mouth piece of God, how I work in ministry, how I spend time in the word of God, and so much more. So glad that I have come to be a part of this conference!

Danny has been busy teaching CPR to the dental clinic students and worked in the Out Patient Department at the Ganta UMC Hospital. He was much needed help with the crowd of patience and increase in clients from the conference. It was great to see friends and help out!

We head back to Monrovia to pick up three visitors, Kevin, Janet and Jack. We will head back to Camphor for 2 more short weeks! The time has gone fast! But there is more work to do.

Kevin will work in the library with a new librarian and with teachers.
Jack will work with the agriculture program and students.
Janet will work with tutoring students and the phonic's teacher.
Danny has jobs running, bricking up the third unit of the guesthouse, completing the girl's septic, making a window in the pantry of the second unit and finishing the plumbing of the kitchen sink and painting of the second unit, securing doors and windows of the final phase of the clinic health addition, and finishing two water pumps in neighboring villages,
Kathy will do some consulting with the new administration and organize work for a team of visitors coming in March and of course helping to support Danny on the many challenges that will come to his list.
Lindsey will continue to meet students and initiate new ways to be in ministry.

Life is good! We have seen many old and new friends at Annual Conference. People from Sierra Leone that we such a surprise and joy to see, people from the states, and Liberians from all over. It has been much fun!

More to come soon, as my computer should arrive on Sunday with the new visitors!

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