Monday, November 16, 2009

There are great things happening at Camphor that we wanted to share.

New superintendent Paul Glaydor, Sr. and principal Boyd Davies are qualified and exciting leaders.
Illinois Great River's Annual Conference came for an agriculture visit and gave some seeds.
A container from Mentor UMC arrived on the mission and a second is coming soon from Peoria.
Peoria is sending funding for future agriculture projects
We broke ground on UMVIM housing on the mission.
Executive and senior staff meetings are happening.
The leadership is looking realistically at staffing needs and where we can make adjustments and cuts.
Paul Glaydor, Sr. is being visionary about sustainability and helping themselves and not rely on donor support only.
Students are using the dining hall for meals.
Teacher training was held and initiated by the new principal.
Trinity UMC (Rocky Mountain) was just here for TBA training and Community Based Health Outreach program.
The Board of Church and Society and UMCOR have a desire to focus on the Camphor Clinic.
Peoria is planning a UMVIM trip in October 2010.
East Ohio is bringing 14 people to Camphor in January 2010, 16 others are going to Gbanga and Ganta.
Garfield UMC in East Ohio is talking about a January 2010 trip to do some work on the church or parsonage at Camphor.
Illinois Great River's Annual Conference may come again in January for an Agriculture visit.
Peoria UMC (Illinois Great Rivers) and Westlake UMC (East Ohio) are working together to bring local Liberian text books and curriculum to the mission.

The beginning of the Judy Olin UMVIM Housing!

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