Thursday, November 12, 2009

A day in a missionary life . . .

We wake up before the sun rises as the noisy frogs go to sleep and the roosters sound the alarm. We run down dirt roads for exercise, shouting Bassa greetings to the expectant villagers. That starts the daily sweat that never ends. We head out to our jobs. Danny sees patients and teaches at the clinic when he is not procuring building supplies. The missionary housing has begun to be built and is moving quickly. Danny negotiates the price of sand and gravel with child labor in the village. Kathy heads to the office as business manager. It is easy to manage money when you have none. Trying to make sense of past financial records or lack of them is another thing. Kathy's office is right at the entrance of the school so her day is filled with kids too! We are both impressed by the new administration and their plans for revitalizing the Camphor Mission. It is an exciting time to be here. The task ahead is daunting but with prayer, new ideas, and continued relationships with donors anything is possible. It is a new day at Camphor!

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