Thursday, June 11, 2009

Collecting items for a container to send to Liberia

Camphor Mission Station Liberia

Transforming lives from a dark yesterday to a brighter tomorrow.

The Camphor United Methodist Mission is one of the oldest boarding missions in Liberia established in 1948 by local Liberians.   This is the location that Rev. Kathy and Dr. Danny Dickriede will be returning to in September as missionaries.  We are organizing a container of items to ship via Firestone Rubber Company's ocean freight in the fall of this year.  We are furnishing missionary housing for us and future Volunteer in Mission Teams.   YOU may be of some help to them with this endeavor.  Items do not need to be new.  Remember everything needs to non-electric!  Check out your own home, garage sales, and second hand stores.  See Kathy,  if you have questions.

Office Supplies                                                                   

Filing Cabinets  (3)                                                              

Cabinets with lockable doors (10)                                    

Book shelves (10)                                                               

Medical/nursing text books                                                

Classroom posters, games, activities                              


Mountain Bikes

Garden Tools

Air pump

Spare Tires and tubes

Box fans (10)                                                    

Gas Can

Building Supplies


Window screening



Housing Needs                                                                  

Bunk Beds  (10)                                                                   

Small rugs                                                                             

Pots and pans                                                                    

Pantry  Shelves (2)                                                            

Picnic table (2)                                                                    

Linens for twin beds

Water filter (2)

Couches  (4)

Family room chairs  (6)

Thank you so much for supporting this ministry.  The Dinner, Live and Silent Auction at the Patrician was a huge success.  The proceeds from that event will help to support the cost of this container.  An ongoing fundraiser, The Year of 100 Dinners has begun.  See if you are interested in knowing more about this ministry.  

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