Friday, February 27, 2009

Visit to the Camphor Mission Station

After the Liberia UMC Health Conference, I along with two people from Peoria UMC traveled to the Camphor Mission. It was a great return trip home! It was amazing thing to see children from my preschool class, co-workers and friends, people from the village, and so many more people! I had a productive meeting with the clinic staff reviewing the details of the Health Conference. We set goals for 2009. There is a great staff who we are excited about working with when we return.

Garfield UMC in Pepperpike, Ohio is working to resource the Garfield UMC at the Camphor Mission Station. The Ohio church sent over money for church salaries and help with water pump repairs, a mimeograph machine and supplies, and mattresses and shoes for the children at the mission. The Ohio church also sent bibles, communion trays, Reach Out t-shirts, and more. Everyone was excited about the renewed connection of the two churches.

After three great days at the Camphor Mission I had three hot days in traffic in Monrovia. Shaffa and the Director of the Camphor Mission, Arthur Jimmy shopped for all of the supplies for Camphor. It was good for me to see all that goes into getting shoes for 200 children, 35 mattresses, and negotiating with shop owners. Traffic in Monrovia is really a blessing. It means life is happening again in the country and that people have resources to pay for taxis and goods. Every time we go to Liberia we see progress. This time it was city busses, new buildings, and paved roads, a miracle!

I stayed at Bishop Innis' residents and with my friend Nyamah, a missionary with UMCOR. It was a great time I am feeling blessed to be creating friendships in Liberia. We are excited to plan our return in September.

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