Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Liberia Health Conference

I am learning so much and connecting with great people in Monrovia. I am at the Heath Conference that is being hosted by the Liberia Annual Conference. There are people form the Repubulic of Liberia government, Liberia UMC Health Board, Liberian UMC clinics and hospital leaders, local churches from America and Germany, Annual Conferences, Christian Blinded Misison, Dental Care For The World, Operation Classroom, and so many others who want to partner together to heal the sick and move Liberia forward. Rev. Gary Henderson is here with the UMC's Global Health Initiative. A great ministry connecting people and United Methodists from all over the world. We just finished with the first day of meeting, February 18th. We will meet again tomorrow. I sit at the meeting with Meliah Toby, the certified mid-wife from the Camphor Clinic. It is good to be here again.

After the two day conference, I will travel to the Camphor Mission Station on Friday until Sunday. Monday-Wednesday will be spent in Monrovia meeting with Bishop Innis and hoping to gather some supplies for Camphor. It is great to be here and feels really right, a bit like coming home. It is really strange not traveling with Danny! I miss him VERY much and people here keep asking about him. I will be back in the US on Thursday, February 26th.


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