Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Final Days in Mvumi

Kathy preached again this week, twice! Palm Sunday is one of her
favorite Sundays and she preached in the morning with a translator and
then in the evening to the secondary school who all speak some level
of english, so no translator. Kathy was very energized to be
preaching and doing a form of youth ministry again. Here are a couple
of photos.

We have left Mvumi, Tanzania. It was not easy to leave new friends
after six weeks of working and living with people. As you can tell by
past blog entries, we have loved our time in the village of Mvumi and
working with the hospital staff and other people and missionaries in
the community. The hospital has been frustrating at times, a full
learning experience. We have built friendships that will last a
lifetime as well as friends we may never see again. In November of
2007, the Anglican Diocese here in Tanzania had a day of prayer for
Mvumi Hospital. People have shared that they see our being here for
six weeks an answer to those prayers. Tanzania has been an answer to
our prayers as we changed plans in early January from Kenya as our
original destination and point of entry for Africa. As we move on we
will head to Uganda, via animal safari and possible Kenya. Let the
adventures and the prayers continue!

Women in line for vaccination of new babies at Mvumi Hospital.
Someone coming by "ambulance" to the Out Patient Department at Mvumi Hospital.

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Kayaking Fool said...

You guys are so blessed - reaching out making a difference one day, one person, one friend at a time. Phil 4:13 Happy Easter pauley