Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Working At The Clinic

Danny has been busy working at the clinic, doing rounds with the Tanzania doctors, seeing how the lab and pharmacy operate, delivering a baby in a taxi outside of the clinic, and building relationships.  He is going to be the guest lecturer on head trauma at the government hospital down the street.  

Kathy has been working in the clinic registration office with Martha and Joyce, who are very patient in helping with the Swahili language barrier.  We share in prayers with the nurses and doctors before the clinic day gets started.  

We have been out exploring Dar es Salaam, too.  Riding on the dala dala, a mini bus of sorts with 30 or so of our closest friends, registering at the US Embassy, worshiping at St. Albans Anglican Church, eating goat, mishkaki, chips/french fries, fish, and much more.  We are going to go on a mini safari this weekend with one of the Tanzanian doctors and his family.  We should have some photos to share after that!  


Alison said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey -- Lise Anderson here -- what an amazing blog!! I am in awe and inspired by both of you -- thank you for setting this blog up, I will follow it daily. I send you warm wishes and big hugs.

CFC said...
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