Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Some pictures of the HIV testing event

Happiness, the coordinator of the HIV testing program, talking to the crowd at the beginning of the event explaining the procedures and answering questions. 

A man dancing, changing and promoting the need for HIV testing. 

Children at the HIV Testing event with HIV information pamphlets. UKIMWI is HIV in Swahili. 


Kretsch said...

Wow, that is really something. Can you imagine people here in the US dancing in the streets to get tested for HIV. I don't think so.

Sandyadams said...
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Sandra said...

I see you smiling in the second picture! I honor the light within you and Danny, doing what few would want to and celebrating life in such a different way. I pray for your protection and guidance. Love to you both.

Lynn K said...

Nakupenda Kathy!
(that's I love you in swahili)
I had to figure out what jama meant

Effie said...

How inspiring. :) love you both and pray for you every time I miss you (which is every day.)

Legs5 said...

Hi guys!
We miss and think of you daily. You are in our thoughts and prayers. It is very exciting to be able to keep in touch through your blog. We'll be checking in often and will keep you posted on home.
Andy & Rae