Friday, December 2, 2011

Camphor Updates

We just received great updates from Obediah at Camphor Mission


We have been having a nice time since you left especially with the opening of school, the distribution of the back packs that were supervise by Rev. Kulah, Cecelia's general clean up campaign with the student and all of the mission staff involvement and many other new developments around campus.

The clearing of the palm farm to give camphor a face lift for visitor has just begun.Since you left us salary has been current with only December to contend with.While it is true that the feeding of the student is our priority we are still concern with salary payment.

The present enrollment at the school is 306 out of this number there are 53 boardings students which includes 11 church scholarship students, 5 missionary sponsorship students, 2 students sponsored by Terry from Norway and the rest are regular boarding students. the balance of the students are villager or day students. Due to the election period in our country, parents were a bit not responding to tuition payment but promise to do payment after the christmas break. Extend our sincere greetings to all of our friends at Mentor, Garfield and the entire East Ohio Conference on behalf of the kids at camphor.
pls say hi to Danny and the rest of the friends of camphor in East Ohio

just forgot to inform you yesterday, with the funds left and that of what was received, we were able to repair the vehicle UMC-26 and is now in good running condition. A new Nissan Pathfinder engine (used engine) was bought along with a double water tank,battery and the repair of the under career as well as tires were all bought and the vehicle is now serving the clinic as well as the mission station. The cooling system is now under repair so please consider this in your search for a vehicle during your arrival with visitors in January. We spent almost four thousand dollars to do all of these. there was no way to trade the ambulance as it is still packing at the same place. The African car is also not been sold.

These are the villages that have been selected for the 2012 water well projec comes January. The villages are: Doubai Town, Fineboy Town, Banwon Town, Whenzon, Oldlady Market, Lee Town, James Zayway Town, Goah Town, Joe Johnny Town, Giahdyu Town. Joshua is already inform about these villages and will soon be called upon to start the site selection along with the Elders.

May God bless you.

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