Friday, September 10, 2010

East Ohio 3C's Clinics are on the move!

Tom and Laurie Joyce visited Liberia in February 2010. They had a great visit and have been moved to action. Laurie is actively helping to work with the Ganta Hospital, Camphor Clinic in Liberia and the Manjama Clinic in Sierra Leone.

Laurie and Tom had a great visit with Mimi at MedWish last week! Very impressed by the scope of their operations. The three pallets of medical supplies headed for Ganta were truly overwhelming. It's hard to imagine until you are standing next to the tall pallets.(I sent a picture!!) Mimi also sent me the packing list and I am thrilled they will be receiving so much of their needed medical supplies. MedWish and Brother's Brother Foundation in Pittsburgh are working together to ship these items to Ganta. Camphor will receive some items from Medwish in the future.

The East Ohio Conference and Clinics in West Africa are a partnership at work!

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