Thursday, August 26, 2010

Renovations for Boy's Dorm

Staff housing and boy's dormitory renovations have begun at the Camphor Mission, I wish to inform you that I have begun the process of renovating the dormitories from funds received as miscellaneous gifts through GBGM Advance. The boys’ dormitory is being reorganized for face lift and to provide some security as I indicated in my June “Update”(See photo). The roof of the girls’ dormitory also is being worked on. These are proactive initiatives as students will be in school by next week.

We have hired four new teachers including a phonics teacher, in the kindergarten and elementary division because of the necessity to upgrade the level of the lower school as mentioned in my “Academic Report” and a Business Manager for the School and Mission. We will have to provide housing for these new staffs. Some of them are temporarily staying at my house while others will be “shagging up” with other staffs until we can arrange housing.

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