Tuesday, July 13, 2010

J.F. Yancy Elementary & Jr. High School Closing Exercises

Closing exercises of the J. F. Yancy Elementary & Junior High School at the Camphor United Methodist Mission was held on June 27. Eleven (11) kindergarten students were graduated to move to the elementary division. This was the first time for kindergarten graduation. Fifteen (15) ninth graders were graduated also to attend high school. Some students were awarded for resilience at their academic pursuits, good conduct and academic excellence, while others were expelled for gross indiscipline. Ms. Churchemar Krangar, a village girl who after being a mother of two children continued her education at the school until she graduated was honored for her determination. Student Alphonso Brown who also started as a kindergarten student and continued until he was graduated was also honored.

During the occasion, a “village girls’ education program targeted at getting a hundred and fifty (150) girls in school next academic year was launched. Launching the program, Madame Theresa Doegbah, Chief Executive Officer of Seatran Shipping & Stevedoring Company, who herself started her life as a village girl expressed her appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the leadership of the school in helping get village girls in school. She held the cheery congregation captivated as she told her own story; being an underprivileged village girl. Madame Doegbah then encouraged parents to send their school-aged girls to school as education could change their lives for better. Closing her launching statements, she offered to support student Churchemar Krangar in all of her high school academic pursuits and further donated a check of US five hundred dollars ($500.00) as initial contribution to Mission Support and Girls’ education at the Mission . Speaking also at the program was Mr. Edwin Nelson, Purchasing Manager of the Liberia Agricultural Company who also told his story being a village boy. Mr. Nelson highlighted ways in which the Mission could get support from his company and other local companies. In closing, he offered to sponsor student Alphonso Brown throughout high school and university, and donated a check of fifteen thousand (15,000.00) Liberian dollars on behalf of his family towards Mission support and village children education.

The District Superintendent of the St. John River District, Rev. G. Roosevelt Goah served as Guest Speaker. He spoke on the topic: “Focus on the Future with Hope”. Rev. Goah reminded the graduating classes that there is a future ahead of them that has hope, but it depends on the preparation they make for themselves today. He said their graduation from the J.F. Yancy Elementary & Junior High School was the first step they have made in preparing themselves for the uncertain future, and therefore they should be hopeful. He further admonished them to continue their academic pursuits.

Giving highlights of academic activities at the School for 2009/2010, the Principal and Mission Director, Paul J. Glaydor, Sr. said that out of 297 students who ended the school year, a total of 205 made strait passes (with no deficiencies) to various classes, 33 will attend vacation school to clear deficiencies and 53 failed. Mr. Glaydor then outlined plans for next academic year, which he said will include working towards attracting new and additional qualified teachers, introducing phonics as a course for the improvement of reading and spelling skills in the lower (kindergarten) classes and computer studies for middle and upper schools ( 4th to 9th grades). He also said that dormitory facilities and feeding will be improved.

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