Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Update on container items needed!

Thank you to the many people who have donated items to the Camphor Mission container.  These are the items that we are still in need of . . .

bunk beds
box fans

We have also discovered a need for some new items.  

We are trying to create a library of dvd's for missionaries, volunteers and our Liberian friends. If you have movies, sitcoms, dramas, a library of entertainment that you don't watch anymore and want to find a new good home there are people in Liberia who have not seen the latest or even the older movies.  This is a great way to help with proper spoken english, understanding culture, faith, and more.  

Lockers for boarding student closets
Board games
Classroom charts and maps
Teaching aides for all subjects, preschool-9th grade
Double face tape
School supplies, notebooks, crayons, coloring pages, pencils, notebooks, pens
Clocks for classroom, batteries, not digital  
Air pump and needle for bikes and balls

If you have questions please email Kathy and Danny at
Thanks and Peace

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