Saturday, November 1, 2008

Camphor Mission Station, Liberia

We are winding up our time at the Camphor Mission Station in Liberia. It has been a great month here at the school, church, and clinic. Danny and I will be heading to Ganta, Liberia next. There is another UMC mission there with a bigger hospital. We will be there for about two weeks. Here are a few photos more photos from the Camphor Mission.

Some of Kathy's ABC class at the Camphor Mission.

Danny with the rest of the clinic staff at the Camphor Mission.

Kathy with a baby girl that was delivered at the Buchanan Government Hospital.
This weekend we had to transfer a bad labor patient to the government hospital in Buchanan,about 15 miles away from the Camphor Mission Station. The mother was not progressing and Danny could not hear a fetal heart beat. Danny went along to the hospital. On the way to the hospital our old,broken Jeep ran out of gas on the bad road leaving the mission. Someone had siphoned the gas to put into the generator so they could watch a video the night before. The laboring mother and about 10 family members were very patient as our driver took off running to find some gas. They were also patient 45 min later when we had to stop to bleed the brakes because the master cylinder leaks to fast. After all of these trials we finally made it to the hospital only to find that there is no doctor at the government hospital. The doctor had left for training in London and has not been replaced. Danny is the only doctor in Grand Bassa County. Buchanan is the second biggest town in Liberia and there in no doctor! This place has some challenges. The mother and baby are fine and even delivered naturally, it's a girl! Danny was recruited to do ultrasounds on all the mothers in the OB Department.

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