Friday, July 4, 2008

South Africa

We have had some time between mission work in a nice part of the world.  We spent some time on the Mozambique coast at Tofo with sand, surf, seafood, coral reefs, and walks and runs on the beach.  We are presently in South Africa where we enjoyed a quick safari in Kruger National Park.  We are now in the mountains in the Mpumalanga area of South Africa, where we have been hiking, visiting waterfalls, and enjoying cool temperatures.  We have been traveling to backpacker hostels where you always find interesting people and share stories of adventure and interesting places to travel.

On July 8th, we are meeting up with 10 people from Crossroads, a church in Cincinnati where Kathy's aunt and uncle worship.  The 10 people are educators who will be working with teachers here in Mamelodi, South Africa.  Kathy will work with the teachers on reading proficiency while Danny works at an AIDS Hospice center.

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