Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Adventures in Uganda

We traveled from Kampala to Masindi in central Uganda to visit Rock Foundation School which is supported by Chardon UMC. We were hosted by Christine, the person who started the school. It was a very impressive facility built in just four years time.

We then headed to Fort Portal, western Uganda toward the Rwenzori Mountains. It took us 11 hours, 3 matatus, 3 flat tires, over 25 people plus luggage and packages in a 15 passenger vehicle that did not have a starter, before we arrived in Fort Portal for a few days. From there we traveled the Nkuruba Crater Lake where we stumbled upon a campsite that is owned and operated by a pastor who is also responsible for over 140 orphans in his village. The campsite food, lodging, and recreation fees help to fund the orphanage, clinic, and church. It was a great Rosemark stop to see and talk to the pastor about his mission and goals. We participated in swimming lessons and were entertained by the orphans performing traditional dance. The campsite is often surrounded by troops of black and white colombus monkeys. We took photos at a time when there we over 10 of them in the trees beside our banda! This continues to be a very amazing adventure!

Kathy helping the littlest child get comfortable in the water.
A child carrying more than his own weight on his head.
A troop of Colombus Monkeys!

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